• All about double cleansing

    At the beginning of the new year we would like to refresh your knowledge on a must-know skincare technique. Today it is about the double cleansing method, which in Korea serves as the basis for pure and flawless skin.
  • Primer masks

    In Korea face masks are being used more and more to optimally prepare the skin for make-up. These so-called primer masks smooth and plump the skin with moisture and create the perfect basis for a flawless, long-lasting make-up look.
  • Cream Skin: K-Beauty trend 2020

    Last year, this K-Beauty trend in particular conquered the global skincare scene: the Glass Skin Trend. But that trend is now over. This year it is replaced by the so-called Cream Skin Trend. Today we'll show you what the new trend is about and how it differs from the Glass Skin Look.
  • Under the Mask - 6 Make-up Tips

    You take off your mask and all your make-up has rubbed off on the mask? As long-term mask wearers, Koreans are only too familiar with that problem. Therefore, they also have a number of smart tips that we would like to share with you today.
  • Under the Mask - 6 Skincare Tips

    Wearing protective masks in everyday life is very advisable at the moment, because it serves to protect us against the coronavirus. Hopefully, this helps us all to get the epidemic under control soon. Unfortunately, there is something else that gets out of control instead: the skin under the mask. Has your skin recently felt sensitive, irritated and prone to breakouts? Then these 6 tips will help you!
  • How to do the no-make-up look

    Makeup trends often come and go very quickly. However, one of these trends has proven itself for several years and will still be popular in 2020: the no makeup look. Today we'll show you 3 different versions of this look and how you can easily do them yourself.
  • How to use rice water for the face

    Koreans and many other Asians use rice water for the face. They do so either as alternative to tab water during face cleansing or as alternative to their cleansing waters and toners. In this blog post we’ll learn about the benefits of rice water on your skin and how you can easily make your own DIY rice water toner.
  • 5 ways to cleanse your face

    Here’s your ultimate guide to face cleansing! We’ll show you 5 ways how to cleanse your face. From morning cleanse to double cleanse and beyond.
  • Steam cleanse – a new way of cleansing your face

    The steam cleanse, or in Korean “seu-tim-se-an-beob”, could become the new double cleanse. Korean blogger Gooniini is the creator of this new skincare hack. Read on to see how it’s done!
  • In-between misting & Why you need facial mists

    Today we’ll talk about a skincare hack that features a must-have K-Beauty product: facial mists. When it comes to misting, more is more. Read on to see what in-between misting is and why it’s worth trying out!
  • Famous Korean make-up artists

    The top beauty influencers in Korea are the K-Pop and K-Drama stars. But we shouldn't forget about the people who actually make those K-Stars shine: It's their make-up artists. Korean celeb make-up artists enjoy a special reputation. We'll tell you why and who of these artists you should start following!
  • How to get started with K-Beauty

    You find the K-Beauty world super exciting, you know all the basics and are very ready to give it a try? Yet, something stops you: Where and how do I get started? We know how overwhelming K-Beauty can be for first timers and beginners. And we got you covered! Here are some simple ways to get started with K-Beauty.
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