• Product spotlight: GLIMCLEAN

    Today we tell you the story of GLIMCLEAN. The product that was designed for the first step of the GLIMROUTINE. And the product that should serve as the basis for your K-Beauty inspired skincare. Read on as we bring you behind the product.
  • GlimCare & GlimNight now as minis!

    The perfect little duo to get started in the K-Beauty world! Our GlimCare All In 1 Cream and GlimNight Sleeping Mask are now also available in a travel-friendly small version.
  • Product spotlight: GLIMNIGHT

    With GLIMNIGHT we created on easy solution for all of you who know their skin needs a little extra care at night, but don’t want to put too much effort into it. Read on to learn why GLIMNIGHT is the cherry on top of our assortment.
  • Product spotlight: GLIMCARE

    There are so many different kinds of moisturizers out there. So choosing one that’s right for you can be a struggle. With GLIMCARE we wanted to create a moisturizer that saves you all that hassle. A moisturizer that works for you in many ways. Read on to see what else we had in mind when creating our All In 1 Cream.
  • Product spotlight: GLIMSUN

    Because we strongly believe that sun protection is key to having and maintaining youthful skin, GLIMSUN was a fixed product in our assortment from the very start. Read on to learn what else motivated us to create our invisible sun primer and why you should make it a staple in your beauty routine!
  • Product spotlight: GLIMFRESH

    With GLIMFRESH we combine two of our absolute K-Beauty must-haves: toner and facial mist. And that's not all that's inside the fine skincare fog. Find out why we created GLIMFRESH!
  • Welcome to the GLIMBLOG!

    We don’t just want to give you the right products, but also the right know-how. And that's exactly why we have launched the GLIMBLOG: a diary full of beauty tips coming fresh from Korea, news from the beauty industry and glimpses into the everyday life of glimyu!
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