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  • In-between misting & Why you need facial mists

    Today we’ll talk about a skincare hack that features a must-have K-Beauty product: facial mists. When it comes to misting, more is more. Read on to see what in-between misting is and why it’s worth trying out!
  • Skip-Care – the minimal skincare trend from Korea

    Skip-Care is a new K-Beauty trend that started popping up everywhere beginning this year. As the name suggests, it is all about skipping unnecessary steps and products in your skincare routine. You’re literally going on a skincare diet. We’re totally into this trend! Read on to see why.
  • How to minimize pores

    We probably all have this problem. Those little pesky pores that prevent us from having k-beautiful porcelain skin. Worry no more! Because here are our 7 favorite tips on how to minimize the appearance of pores effectively!
  • K-Culture Fun Facts: Weird Korean habits

    You’re planning a trip to Korea soon? Then you better learn a bit about the culture and customs in Korea – so that you’re prepared for everything and can feel right at home in the mother land of K-Beauty. We’re here to show you some unique habits and customs that are totally normal for Koreans but pretty weird for foreigners.
  • Summer skincare tips

    Summer is finally here. We’re out for a trip to the beach, a dip in the pool – and just loads of fun in the sun! But beware, with all the good things summer has in store for us, it also comes with quite some challenges for your skin. Summer means higher exposure to harmful UVA and UVB rays, thus greater danger for premature skin ageing – but not if you follow some of these cool summer skincare tips!
  • K-Beauty vs. J-Beauty

    Until 2017, K-Beauty was the only Asian star on the beauty stage. Beauty and skincare fans around the world looked to Korea to get the makeup looks and skincare tips of Korean beauties. But Korea is no longer the only beauty hotspot. The new star on the scene: Japan. Since 2018, J-Beauty has also been a great source of inspiration for the beauty community. Today we look at the two beauty cultures in comparison. Where are their similarities and differences?
  • Protective Beauty – Protect your skin from pollution

    We know that sunscreen is a must in K-Beauty. But sun exposure is no longer the only thing you should protect your skin from. Protective Beauty is a trend that has grown in Asia and has now reached us. Read on to find out why anti-pollution products are becoming more and more popular.
  • K-Food Guide (Part 2)

    Koreans owe a huge part of their flawless skin to their passion for skincare. But there’s something else that helps them maintain perfect baby skin: it’s what they eat. The Korean cuisine is full of ingredients that have great benefits for the skin. Read on to learn about 2 more ingredients that are staples of the Korean cuisine and part of the recipe to k-beautiful skin!
  • Korean for K-Beauty fans (Lesson 2)

    There are some Korean words that you are sure to stumble upon as a K-Beauty fan. When that happens, we want you to be absolutely prepared. Here’s the 2nd lesson of the glimyu Korean classes. And it’s going to be all about must-know skincare claims.
  • Famous Korean make-up artists

    The top beauty influencers in Korea are the K-Pop and K-Drama stars. But we shouldn't forget about the people who actually make those K-Stars shine: It's their make-up artists. Korean celeb make-up artists enjoy a special reputation. We'll tell you why and who of these artists you should start following!
  • How to get started with K-Beauty

    You find the K-Beauty world super exciting, you know all the basics and are very ready to give it a try? Yet, something stops you: Where and how do I get started? We know how overwhelming K-Beauty can be for first timers and beginners. And we got you covered! Here are some simple ways to get started with K-Beauty.
  • Travel Beauty

    In recent years beauty has made its way into the travel industry. Brands have discovered the need to cater to the globetrotting and jetsetting people among us. Looking good while travelling used to be a struggle, but with today's travel-friendly product offers and some of our travel beauty hacks you'll glow while on the go!
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