• GlimCare & GlimNight now as minis!

    The perfect little duo to get started in the K-Beauty world! Our GlimCare All In 1 Cream and GlimNight Sleeping Mask are now also available in a travel-friendly small version.
  • How To No Makeup Look

    Makeup trends often come and go very quickly. However, one of these trends has proven itself for several years and will still be popular in 2020: the no makeup look. Today we'll show you 3 different versions of this look and how you can easily do them yourself.
  • Skincare Trends for 2020

    These 5 trends set the tone of the beauty and skincare scene for the new decade. It will be all about the active ingredients in the products, professional skincare becomes a thing and K-Beauty will become "more adult". Read on to find out more about the trends you shouldn't miss for 2020.
  • Is sugar bad for my skin?

    Over the holiday season we have been enjoying a beautiful lot of cookies, candies and cakes. Have you ever wondered what effect too much sugar can have on your skin? Read on to learn if you should consider a little sugar diet for the sake of your complexion.
  • K-Pop ABC: K-Pop terms you need to know

    Sure, you can ask us anything K-Beauty. But did you know that we’re also fluent in K-Pop? Today we take a little break from K-Beauty to dive into the world of K-Pop. Here are some must-know terms any K-Pop beginner and pro should know.
  • Product Spotlight: GLIMNIGHT

    With GLIMNIGHT we created on easy solution for all of you who know their skin needs a little extra care at night, but don’t want to put too much effort into it. Read on to learn why GLIMNIGHT is the cherry on top of our assortment.
  • How to touch up your make-up

    Your make-up doesn’t look so fresh anymore? It starts to fall apart or look cakey? We have 3 little tips to help you touch up your make-up like a pro. All you need are some of your trusted skincare products.
  • Product Spotlight: GLIMCARE

    There are so many different kinds of moisturizers out there. So choosing one that’s right for you can be a struggle. With GLIMCARE we wanted to create a moisturizer that saves you all that hassle. A moisturizer that works for you in many ways. Read on to see what else we had in mind when creating our All In 1 Cream.
  • How to transition from summer to autumn skincare

    The days are getting shorter, the wind stronger and the temperatures lower. We say bye-bye to summer and hello to fall. As you swap your summer dresses for fall sweaters, you should also make some changes to your skincare routine. Today we share 6 tips on how to transition from summer to fall skincare.
  • How to cleanse my face properly

    In a previous blog post we showed you 5 advanced ways to cleanse your face, including the steam cleanse. Today we’re taking it back to the basics! We’ll show you how to cleanse your face properly, what the right order of cleansing products is and which common mistakes you should avoid when cleansing your face.
  • Product Spotlight: GLIMSUN

    Because we strongly believe that sun protection is key to having and maintaining youthful skin, GLIMSUN was a fixed product in our assortment from the very start. Read on to learn what else motivated us to create our invisible sun primer and why you should make it a staple in your beauty routine!
  • How to use rice water for the face

    Koreans and many other Asians use rice water for the face. They do so either as alternative to tab water during face cleansing or as alternative to their cleansing waters and toners. In this blog post we’ll learn about the benefits of rice water on your skin and how you can easily make your own DIY rice water toner.
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