• Must-have skincare products for your late 20s - early 30s

    When should I incorporate retinol into my routine? Am I too young for AHA exfoliators? Today we want to answer these questions for you. If you're in your late 20s or early 30s, this blogpost is for you!
  • Skinimalist summer routine

    We challenge you to this skinimalist summer routine and all you need for it are two products!
  • Eye care - How to properly care for your eye area

    You may have heard that the eye area is particularly sensitive. That's why it deserves extra attention and an extra blog post!
  • Caring make-up - When make-up meets skincare

    In K-Beauty, the skin always comes first. So much that even make-up is expected to care for the skin. It’s no wonder that we find Korea at the forefront of the Caring Make-Up or Color & Care trend. A trend that sees more and more color cosmetics merge with skincare products, ingredients and claims.
  • How to add fun to a minimal skincare routine

    Skipcare or Skinimalism remains a big trend for this year. Today we’ll tell you how you can practice a minimal skincare routine without losing the fun factor.
  • How to treat pimples - without popping them?!

    One of the main principles of K-Beauty is to treat the skin as gently and tenderly as a new-born baby. The same applies to pimple treatment, which is why many Koreans are against popping pimples. What are they doing instead?
  • Skin barrier strengthening products

    There has been a rise in products which help strengthen the skin’s protective barrier. Especially in Korea, many brands have launched such products in recent months. Learn all about it in today’s post!
  • glimyu Ingredient Bible (Part 6): Yuja

    It looks like a cross-over between lemon, tangerine and orange and it is one of the most popular K-Beauty ingredients at the moment - the Yuja fruit!
  • Clean Beauty in Korea

    Have you heard of the term Clean Beauty? In recent years, this trend has become particularly popular in Western countries. From natural ingredients, vegan formulations to sustainable packaging. Today we're specifically looking at what Clean Beauty is like in Korea.
  • Must-have spring skincare products

    In spring we all feel drawn to lighter, fresher and brighter things. This applies to our clothes, our interior design, our food – and can likewise apply to our skincare routine. These are our must-have skincare products for a fresh spring glow!
  • White Day in Korea

    We all know Valentine's Day on February 14th, but have you heard of White Day? It takes place exactly one month later on March 14th. In today's blog post, we'll tell you more about this popular holiday in Korea.
  • glimyu Ingredient Bible (Part 5): Ginseng

    Today we are talking about the super-root ginseng. It has been in use for thousands of years and some even say that it is the secret to eternal youth. Have we made you curious?
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