Where can I buy your products?

You can buy our products exclusively in our online shop at www.glimyu.com.

For which skin types are our products made?

Our products are formulated to suit all skin types – dry, oily, sensible and combination skin.

Are your products also suitable for men?

Absolutely! Because glimyu wants to share the secrets of K-Beauty with all of you.

Where are your products produced?

Our products are made in Korea – the home country of K-Beauty. You’ll get nothing less but original K-Beauty quality. After all, our motto is: made in Korea – made for you!;

Are you doing any tests on animals?

No. Neither our products, nor any of the ingredients therein are being tested on animals. We firmly believe, that no animal should suffer for the sake of cosmetics production. That’s why you also don’t find any animal-derived ingredients in our products, such as snail slime or bee venom. We see no sense in adding ingredients into our products which you normally avoid in real life. Furthermore, we cannot ignore the potential harm to those animals during the extraction of animal-derived ingredients.

Are your products dermatologically tested?

Yes. All our products are dermatologically tested for skin compatibility before going on sale. You will find a corresponding claim on each product.

Do you have products with snail slime or bee venom?

Unconventional ingredients like snail slime and bee venom doesn’t really surprise Koreans. But they do meet mixed reactions in Europe. And we can totally understand that. So rest assured – you wont find any snail slime or bee venom or donkey milk at glimyu.

About glimyu
What does glimyu stand for?

glimyu is an artificial word. It was made to sound Asian and Korean. But glimyu was also made to represent our mission to bring you to glowing skin. Hereby, we’re talking about a natural, healthy glow that’s coming from the inside and that’s there to stay. With glimyu, you’re about to discover that “glimmer in you”.

What is K-Beauty?

K-Beauty, the abbreviation of Korean beauty, stands for everything that’s connected to South Korean beauty, skincare, cosmetics and make-up. That includes South Korean beauty brands, trends, habits, routines and beauty ideals. You want to learn more about K-Beauty? Head on over to the GLIMBLOG! Because that’s where we’ll inform you about all worth knowing about K-Beauty and Korea.

What makes glimyu products different from other Korean skincare products?

glimyu products are adapted to the European lifestyle when it comes to their concept, formulation and application. For instance, we consider the fact that Europeans don’t usually have the time to go through a daily 10 step beauty routine. We also understand that there are certain ingredients, such as bleaching agents and snail slime, that you prefer to not have on your skin. So we leave those out of the assortment. Besides, we comply with all regulations of the European Cosmetics Directive, we say NO to animal testing and have all our products dermatologically tested for skin compatibility.

Will there be new glimyu products?

Sure! The glimyu team is currently working on new glimyu products. You’ll find out what we have in store for you in our online shop, on GLIMSTAGRAM and in our GLIMBLOG.

I’m missing BB creams and sheet masks! When will you launch those?

Currently we don’t have BB creams or sheet masks in our assortment. But that doesn’t mean, we won’t have them in the near future. By the way, if you have wishes or suggestions concerning our products, our assortment or other topics, you’re welcome to drop us an e-mail at team@glimyu.com. We look forward to your comments and feedback.

Who’s writing the blog posts of the GLIMBLOG?

The posts are primarily written by our glimyu editor. She’s very passionate about skincare, beauty and lifestyle and of course, she’s fluent in K-Beauty.

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