Primer masks

The motto "skin first, make-up second" is now being implemented literally. Koreans use face masks just before they apply their make-up to get their skin into top shape quickly. Say goodbye to the simple primer, because primer masks prepare your skin for make-up much more effectively.

Which products are considered primer masks? In principle, any sheet mask is suitable for this. If you are short of time, you can shorten the application time to 3-5 minutes. Because that's usually enough to supply your skin with sufficient moisture and nutrients. A primer mask works wonders, especially in the morning. It wakes up your skin, refreshes it and reduces puffiness and redness. Your skin is now smooth and plumped. You will notice that your make-up can now be smoothly applied.

No sheet mask at hand? Then with a little creativity you can get a similar result. Mix some toner, facial spray, or serum into your primer. This gives you a caring primer that has high care properties and at the same time ensures that the make-up application is perfect and your make-up lasts all day.

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