From winter to spring - how to adapt your skincare routine

Your skin fought its way bravely through the cold winter months. The ice cold air outside and the dry heating air inside really challenged it. It was irritated, had very dry patches, was partly flaky... luckily all of that is now over! Thanks to the milder weather, you can go for a more easy-going skincare routine. What does that mean exactly?

Moisturizer? Yes, but not too thick!

If the skin is extremely dry in winter, it needs a lot of help to keep its moisture. Then some of us like to go for the thick, greasy creams. They typically absorb very slowly and leave a sticky film that prevents the skin from drying out too fast. In spring, you should only apply such creams to your lips, if at all. Now your skin should be exposed to less aggressive environmental factors such as freezing temperatures. As a result, your skin's natural protective barrier should be sufficient to store enough moisture. So switch to lighter, water-based, gel-like textures that still contain enough moisturizing ingredients.

Exfoliation? Yes, but in moderation!

The start of spring is the perfect time to bring out a fresh complexion that was previously hidden under the layers of dead skin. In winter, we told you: When it comes to exfoliation, less is more. Excessive peeling can lead to a vicious cycle of dry skin. As soon as you were rid of the dead skin cells, your skin started to dry out and crack again. Yuck! That’s because newly resurfaced skin is an easy victim to the dry winter cold. On the contrary, regular exfoliation is absolutely okay in the warmer seasons. You don’t need to be afraid that the dry air will directly suck out all moisture from your skin. In addition, your skin now produces more sebum and sweat, which you shouldn't leave on your skin. How often should you exfoliate? We recommend every 5-10 days. The more oily your skin, the shorter the distance between each peeling. What peeling works best? We do not recommend manual peels. These are those with small particles that exfoliate your skin through friction. A more effective option are acid peels such as fruit acid peels or AHA and BHA peels. They remove dirt and dead skin cells gently but effectively - without aggressive rubbing and scrubbing.

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